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Specialist PPC for Financial Services

The challenges faced by financial services companies are unique in paid media. We leverage advanced targeting techniques and a strong use of data to ensure that your brand and products are front and centre with your target market, building brand awareness, trust and driving sales.

Paid Search

With a team of PPC experts who have won multiple awards for their work in financial services, Balance takes a creative and strategic approach to paid search advertising.

Utilising in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry to deliver market-leading results, we use a granular approach to advertising ads, optimising your media spend to achieve maximum returns.

Paid Social Media

Social media presents significant opportunities for financial services companies to engage with and attract new customers.

Whether you want new customers or more from existing customers, we manage ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and more to generate interest within your target audiences and generate additional revenue.

Display Advertising

Display advertising remains a powerful tool for reaching customers and Balance can help you achieve high click-through rates and conversions through sophisticated targeting techniques as well as clever ad messaging.

By leveraging platforms such as Google’s Display Network, we can place your financial service ads on authoritative sites that align with your brand values, increasing visibility and driving traffic.

Native Advertising

Sometimes, the best way to gain attention is not to stand out, but to fit in. Our native experts can help your brand appear with the same form and function as surrounding content to maximise click-through rates and master relevancy.

Programmatic Advertising

Finally, Balance offers programmatic display advertising, which uses artificial intelligence to make paid search campaigns smarter, leaner, and more effective.

This innovative approach provides clients with a competitive advantage by helping you reach new audiences that your competitors aren’t targeting, generating more leads, and driving business growth.

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