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Content Marketing for Financial Services

Content marketing is all about building relationships with your customers and the people that influence their buying decisions. By being entertaining, helpful and true to your brand, you can create a loyal following. Our team of performance experts understands the finance industry and knows how to create content that gets results.

Onsite Optimisation

This is a crucial SEO practice that involves optimising all elements of individual web pages to improve rankings. Balance’s seasoned writers use keyword research as the foundation to evaluate and rewrite content to increase rankings, attract and engage customers, and drive sales. We do this while staying true to the brand’s values, tone of voice and within compliance guidelines.

Content Campaigns

Our strategic approach to big picture finance content involves analysing your target market, personas and data to create a recipe for success.

Our campaigns drive engagement on social media, generate links from high-profile outlets and provide many SEO benefits. By creating content that answers questions and provides valuable advice, we attract people, build relationships, and create brand advocates.


Our expert copywriters embody your brand and write content that echoes your tone of voice and brand values. This way, we give search engines what they want: immaculate web content tailored to users’ needs and desires. By creating content that is optimised for “long-tail” keywords we attract people further down the buying journey, build relationships and create customers.

Content Upcycling

We’ll polish up your existing content to improve your search rankings and bring in more traffic. Efficient and cost-effective, we make sure all of your popular content is up-to-date, accessible and adding more value.

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