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Though many might mistakenly consider Insurance a dry topic, there are few sectors more dynamic to be a marketer in. Big businesses with big marketing budgets can dominate, with the market leaders making it look like a “who shouts loudest” game, all on top of a backdrop of a high regulation, from IDD to the GIPP to Consumer Duty.

It’s far from boring. It’s also an industry with huge advantages available to those who can apply strategy and creativity to their digital marketing. This goes for all the insurance companies we can work with, from brands to brokers, general to specialist insurance.

Incredibly data rich, with highly varied customer personas, the right marketing expertise in Insurance can put you ahead of the pack, even when confronted with the twin challenges of expense ratios and loss ratios, indeed, it can help manage them.

The tactics available are extensive and few use them to their full potential – from using custom audiences to defend against aggregator PPC dominance, to custom data for cross-sell, to social remarketing at renewal. Knowing how to work alongside price comparison and still make search marketing effective is what can set you apart from your competitors. We know how.

With Balance in your corner, it isn’t who shouts the loudest, but who works the smartest – you can outsmart competitors even when you can’t outspend them.

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