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Building societies can face a range of unique marketing challenges – something hard for those outside the vertical to understand. The product you have is limited, you want to distribute it for the best effect and inefficient marketing can blow the budget you have to sell that product.

Those same budgets can mean that the true potential of your building society can be stifled with having very limited resources it’s no secret that Building Societies often have to a lot with little.

Locality, something that sets most Building Societies from Banks, and indeed a trust advantage, can be lost online. We know you have a commitment to your branches, so local SEO is so key to reinforcing your online presence as still part of the local community, as well as the right targeting to encourage customers into branches where appropriate.

The good news is, we can help with all of those challenges at Balance. Targeting the right mix for your book through sophisticated digital marketing techniques with an extended team of professionals who understand your market. Lending terms can be expensive, you need to be only spending money on reaching the customers that meet your strategic goals; either through great content or efficient advertising.

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