How we increased Profile Pensions Domain Authority and organic traffic using content PR

About the Company

Profile Pensions has been operating for over a decade and is “on a mission to make Britain better off in retirement by giving everyone the right pension plan to suit their individual circumstances”.

The Challenge

Profile Pensions has spent time working on their on-site SEO but was not appearing as high within the search results as they’d have liked, so they approached us to help increase the website backlink profile in order that the on-site SEO work could reach its potential.

Our Approach

We started with competitor analysis to identify where the brand stood against its rivals and to find the content achieving the best links. The results fed into our strategy.

Our Digital PR team brainstormed ideas on how we could improve the current content, as well as create a content calendar of new articles to push out to key domains that would attract the attention of journalists and bloggers.

An always-on reactive PR service was put in place that sought to include Profile Pensions in any personal finance news, new pension regulations change articles, new investment news, etc.

Finding new domains that hadn’t featured Profile Pensions, but had featured competitors, was key. We approached as many of these extremely relevant domains as we could and presented them with content and data that was suited to them.

The Results



Pieces of new coverage



Average Domain Authority



Organic sessions year-on-year

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