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Big picture digital growth from the experts in financial services marketing.

In the highly competitive financial services industry, every brand needs to balance compliance and creativity. We help banks, insurers, brokers, FinTech firms and more grow through industry specific expertise, insights, strategy and unparalleled campaign performance.

Some of the BRANDS OUR TEAM HAVE helped to grow

To achieve growth for your financial services brand, you need to work with people that can drive incremental business without introducing risk.

You need a financial services expert who knows the unique market dynamics in and out, and wants to get to know your brand the same way.

They need to be able to use that knowledge to do things better than your competition. To have one eye on opportunities and another on the big customer outcomes picture at the same time, giving you the edge on your rivals.

Clearly such an advantage needs to start with insight in order to deliver strategic digital activity with tactical excellence.

Ultimately, you need to trust them to put your customers and your brand first.

We take this responsibility seriously, so you can too.

Our Services

Regulation. Resource. Revenue.

Search Engine Optimisation

Visibility in organic search results gives you the margin to invest in other forms of advertising while maintaining profitability. We consistently hit high ranking results for our clients for consistent traffic growth.

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Paid Media

Paid media in financial services is often very different than other sectors. The dominance of aggregators, and the commoditisation of services, can mean paid search has to be not only supremely efficient, but also effective. We balance compliant targeting techniques and new feature expertise to increase sales while reducing the cost per sale.

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Digital Strategy

The number of digital marketing options for brands is both a blessing and a curse – choosing and prioritising which tactics you use is key. That’s where our experienced strategy team come in – strategy is as much about choosing what not to do, so we can execute what you do do brilliantly.

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Social Media

We leverage the power of popular social media platforms to build engaged online communities, raise brand awareness amongst your target audience, and promote services to drive leads.

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Content Marketing

Consumers demand more from financial services content. It’s important, after all. We bring something fresh, get interest, reassure with brand safe information, and show your product doesn’t need to be a commodity.

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Digital PR

We work with a network of journalists, bloggers and influencers within the financial space to acquire national coverage for immediate awareness and high quality backlinks to boost your site’s authority.

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verticals we service

We bring our digital expertise to a range of financial services categories, including:


Putting customer outcomes first while balancing a combined ratio is no small feat. We support insurance companies in efficient volume and lifetime value growth, even in aggregator dominated environments.

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Building Societies

Building societies and banks can face a range of marketing challenges. The good news is, we can help with all of these at Balance. With sophisticated digital marketing techniques and experienced professionals, we’ll help maximise efficiency and reach.

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Fintech and Insurtech

Whether a finance start up in early stage growth, or a scale up ready to take your product to the next level, we can provide sustainable incremental digital fintech marketing as innovative as you are.

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We know that when considering customers for loans, targeting the right type of customer for your risk profile is key. We work with you to create sophisticated targeting, so you can grow the right way.

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Business to Business

There is significant opportunity for business to business marketers who harness channels, from search to digital PR, to LinkedIn. B2B financial services is challenging, but it needn’t be boring.

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Wealth Management

Reaching the right audience in a way that saves money and time for your wealth management firm is much easier with the right digital strategy and tactics. Sophisticated services deserve a sophisticated marketing approach.

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